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Nancy Lukes-Jirak


I am originally from a small town in Iowa called Protivin; after spending a few years in California I moved back to Iowa and have been in the Cedar Rapids area since 2003. I've had a passion for photography all my life and can't imagine doing anything else! During high school I spent four years involved in annual photography projects. After graduation, I continued my education at Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo, IA, where I received my degree in Portrait Photography in 2000. In 2009, I also received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing from the University of Iowa. I have worked as a portrait photographer in Cedar Falls, IA, and Calabasas, CA.

off the beaten path....

* i was born on December 17, 1979
* i love photography. i love art. i love anything and all that's creative
* i love sports. i love running. i love crossfit.
* it's impossible for me not to see a picture in everything i see and look at...and i love that...
* i have two daughters who are my favorite subjects to talk about, photograph and love...addison & elizabeth                                         * i am the youngest of 8 children; i have 6 beautiful, amazing, independent sisters and 1 brother who defines what a brother is
* family is everything to me
* i have a funny, wonderful husband who believes in me & makes me laugh every single day
* i grew up on a farm and wouldn't trade it for anything
* i typically always have a cup of coffee sitting next to me
* i love kids...i think they are funny, inventive, creative, mischievous and silly
* my favorite color is blue
* i don't nap
* i love thunderstorms, the ocean, camping, candy, laughing, snowboarding, ice cream, a good book, fall, diet dew...
* i have always wanted to be a photographer
* i have always wanted to be a mother
* my favorite thing to do is get lost on a gravel road with two things; me & my camera (ok 3 things; coffee)
* i have lived in 2 states and visited over 40